Do you even grammar?

I not ever did that once. It was a bad day when that happend at me. I’m sorry.

Why don’t you just post your reviews on MAL or AniDB like everyone else?

Because those places aren’t tentacle-themed. Also I sometimes do.

Can I post my reviews on your site?

Probably. First you have to find me though. PM me, link me a few of your past reviews and I’ll consider posting them. The requirements are 1) Have written past reviews 2) Plan to write more 3) Secret.

hint: check MAL or rizon

hint 2: look for Malware

hint 3: right here).

Why would I even want my reviews on your site?

┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ cuz it’s tentacle-themed? sort of.

Why would you want my reviews on your site?

Because it would encourage me to write reviews.

Would I be paid?

Yes, you’ll get 50% of all site revenue. Hint: the number starts with 0, ends with 0 and has all 0’s between.

Do I have to be a super leet verteran anime critic?

No, I wouldn’t bat an eye if you literally rate everything a 10. The content of your review is infinitely more important than whatever random number is used to “rate” whatever it is you’re reviewing.

Can I review things other than anime and manga?

VNs are acceptable as well as other japanesy things. Just no obviously western media with 0 animeness to it.

Have you ever been asked any of these frequently asked questions?

Not once.