We’re not going to give the standard “We’re not a group of elitists” speech that every group of elitists gives on mal. There are a lot of people with different opinions and taste, if you join this club, it’s highly likely you will run into someone who hates your favorite anime, if you can’t handle that, go away. On the other hand, you’re also highly likely to run into someone who loves your favorite anime.

If you’re looking for a place to discuss, praise, and talk shit about anime, you’ve found your home. Rewind is a small club, we plan to remain this way because A) Malware has no desire to responsibly manage a large group of people and B) It’s just nice that way. MAL already has an official discord if you’re looking for the classic cesspool experience. :NepOK:

If you join, you will be forced to watch anime that you may or may not like. It will be fun though, trust us.

We do live group watches using SyncPlay and Discord, we won’t force you to join these, but they’re fun so do it anyway.

Writing a review is not mandatory, but you should, everyone will love you if you do.

We have a pretty website http://rewind.club/ (Yes, I know you’re already here. I copy pasted this about section from our club page, deal with it)

Interested? Send Malware a PM, join our discord, wave your arms around while making an ahegao, do whatever you have to do to get a hold of an admin/officer and we’ll hook you up. There is no real requirement, we’re only listed as a private club to prevent the inevitable hundreds of ghost members from joining.

Discord here https://discord.gg/FVqxNSY