What is Rewind? One might assume we’re a group of people dedicated to sitting around a cassette player stuck on rewind while listening to the beautiful symphony of motors and tape, but that’s actually kind of weird and I feel a little insulted that you would assume we’re in to that.

No, rewind is a club that watches, discusses and reviews anime as a small group. Rewind focuses on the experience of watching anime with friends more than the product that is your final review. As such, our groups of watchers will always be split into ~20 members. You’ll never be lost in a sea of voices.

At its core, rewind works on a nomination system where each member nominates, then votes on which series the entire group will dedicate a month to watching, discussing, then finally reviewing. After a series is voted on, we set a reasonable deadline and you can choose to watch the series at your own pace while discussing the anime in discord or our club forums. Or you can grab a spot on the virtual couch and enjoy the anime with other Rewinders in real time via live stream. Why not both!?

Now that you know who we are, how about joining us? For a limited time only, no blood oath is necessary!

Have more questions? Bored? Feel free to join our discord to ask questions or just talk about anime.