January voting results

Voting is closed and WorldEnd is our winner:

Jan 2019 main series – raw voting data

Recommended pace is to average at least 1 ep a day. Reviews should be in around the 23rd.

Discussion areas.

Discord – Series discussion should take place in the SukaSuka channel only. Edit your discord nickname to include the furthest episode you have completed (if you don’t care about spoilers, you don’t need to do this). To avoid spoilers, don’t discuss episodes further than the lowest episode any online member has completed. Be careful reading backlogs in discord if you are behind because further episodes may be discussed while you’re offline or away.

MAL episode discussion forum – Even if you’re copy-pasting a summary of your thoughts from discord, it’s recommended to participate in these episode threads. There’s the possibility that people outside the club are discussing the series as well and we may even find new members.

MAL club forum – Feel free to make any threads in the club forum, whether they be episode specific, character specific, summaries, theories, or anything else.

Tips for reviewing.

I recommend starting a draft for your review right away. Just let it hang around while adding thoughts and ideas as you go. It’s easy to forget minor details from earlier episodes, so if you have a review draft going on from episode one, you’ll find it easier to write an in depth review that spans the entire series. You can also save a draft on TheRewind.club if you plan to post it there.

Keep in mind where you are going to post your review. Each place has different guidelines for reviews, be sure to meet these guidelines if you’re aiming to post on specific sites. Here are the links to MAL , AniDB, and of course our club website has no such restrictions on reviews.

Where to watch.

[BKL] BD Dual Audio 1080p FLAC mega downloads are available here (upload in progress). On the same page are streamable episodes using the same files but re-encoded to 720p with english audio stripped out and subtitles burned in to be compatible with gdrive player.

I don’t want to make these links available to the public, so you must be signed in to view this page.