Carole and Tueday and me being mean

Carole and Tueday and me being mean

Sit Down Before You Start Reading This Rant, Because It’s Mind-blowing

Carole and Tuesday is not the worst anime I have ever seen, but it has still committed the gravest sin possible. Promising me romance and then giving me nothing.

Either deliver what you promise or don’t make any promises at all.

They got my hopes up and then let me down in the worst way possible. The person who wrote the script clearly had a bad day and decided that he wanted company, so he wrote the worst plot twist he could come up. In a sense, it’s admirable, but I don’t get why everyone else thought; “Yeah, let’s animate that. I bet everyone is happy with this.”

Because I’m not. I’m not happy at all. A -10 for Carole and Tuesday doesn’t even start to convey my disappointment. In 23 episodes, you get all the little clichés and the start of a pretty cute romance and then, BOOM!, surprise, bet you didn’t see that one coming.

I swear, I’m going to head over to the studio and play Carole and Tuesday songs nonstop until they’re so desperate to be rescued from my horrible singing voice that they promise to make a new last episode.

Even if I don’t take the horrible ending into account, I think that Carole and Tuesday tried too hard to imitate Zombieland saga’s success; mixing idols with something you don’t usually expect in an idol anime. Politics in this case – with a clear wink to the current status.

Anime trying to be relevant by an attempt to put all current political issues in an anime? I’m surprised they didn’t dedicate another pointless filler episode to solving world hunger through songs. Who are you trying to fool with such a ridiculous twist to the idol genre?

Did anyone at the studio seriously think that anyone would be interested in their specific political view? Because I’m not.
Of course, the characters are the victim of this failed attempt to mix music with politics and undertones of romance. I bet that Jerry is the most well-developed member of the cast and he’s a one-dimensional villain (I liked his cat, though).

The plot is filled with filter material in the middle, a classic move that could work if they had at least resolved the plot points they started in the beginning of the anime. For example, why did no one ever reference to Angela’s mom abusing her when she was a kid anymore?

Oh, I know, it’s supposed to make us pity Angela, and I think it’s the cheapest sympathy-winning-strategy ever.
Who even made Carole and Tuesday? Why did these people think this was a good idea? Honestly, I don’t know.
Oh, by the way, that last frame? To hell with that. You dare to disappoint me in the worst way possible and then pull a pun at the very end?

Carole and Tuesday should have been 12 episodes long, completely focused on these two girls making it big as artists without the promise of romance. The comedy would have worked better and the story would have been more compact and better over-all. The focus would clearly have been on the songs and the relationship between Carole and Tuesday. I would have preferred a simple story over this convoluted mess that makes me torture other people’s ears with the Carole and Tuesday songs.

To me this anime was worth a 10 and I didn’t mind the filler episodes, until they forgot that this was a idol anime with romantic subplots. Then, it dropped to a -10 (Tentacle, can you put a negative 10 option on the rewind-site, so that I can give this piece of trash a proper score?).

Don’t multitask if you butcher both tasks in the process. If you can’t excel in more than one thing, then don’t make a half-baked attempt for the sake of being interesting. Because you’re not and especially not when you’re an anime called Carole and Tuesday.

I think I have managed to give an indication of my absolute dislike of Carole and Tuesday. Even if they promised a sequel, I would refuse to watch it out of principle. And I usually try to watch all installments in a series.

Contemplating My Rant

I don’t think I have ever been this negative about anime. Actually, I have never given a insufficient mark to an anime before, because I love watching anime so much. Generally, I have a lot of fun too, but Carole and Tuesday left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. The first half was so good, but at some point, the quality dropped quadratically. The episode before the last, however, I wanted to return the 10, but I was a bit cautious after those episodes near the end. I’m so disappointed with Carole and Tuesday. Objectively, it’s an 7 or 8, but if you upset me like that, I’m only handing out -10’s, because I’m not very reasonable.

Oh dear, I’m really mean, aren’t I?

The Verdict


The Good: What? You want me to say something GOOD about this? I liked the cat, I guess. The songs were catchy too, but that has nothing to do with anime.

The Bad: Every, single, little thing.